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1. General information on the scholarship

A participation in Model UN conferences can sometimes be expensive. Especially for a students' budget. The United Nations Society Nuremberg e.V. therefore offers in cooperation with the Diakoneo scholarships for the participation at the conference "BayernMUN".

The scholarship covers the following three areas: a) conference fee, b) accomodation and c) (partly) transportation costs.  The scholarship is limited to the participation at the BayernMUN conference. The reimbursement of costs of the hotel is not linked to the official conference hotel. Every overnight stay in another hotel up to a certain amount is refundable as well.

„The scholarship is a great financial support.“

Carolin Becker - Scholarship holder BayernMUN 2017

2. Application & Selection Criteria

All interested persons can apply, regardless of their age or nationality. An application for the scholarship is possible even if the applicant has not yet registered or paid the conference fee. If the applicant has been rejected, a registration for the conference will still be possible after the scholarship committee has made its decision. However, if you want to participate at the conference - also without the scholarship - we advise you to register at www.bayernmun.ord/registration and to pay the conference fee as soon as possible. If your application for the scholarship is successful, you can still hand in the request for reimbursement.

Guidelines of selection criteria that will be applied by the selection committee:

  • compelling letter of motivation
  • social and voluntary commitment
  • outstanding achievements (not only grades, professional or personal achievements as well)
  • interest in Model United Nations (does not necessarily mean MUN expereince)

„Model UN is part of political education - and education must never be exclusive.“

Richard Endörfer, Former Chair of Political Education at UNSN e.V.

3. Your Application

The closing date of the application process is January 15th, 2018 at midnight (CET). The final decision will be made by January 20th, 2017. The single-stage application process does not require an interview. Please send the following documents to by January 15th:

• Curriculum vitae (two pages max.)
• Letter of motivation (one page max. in English)
• Optional: certificates or written confirmations

Please send your application as one single PDF file and name it as follows:

Download the official call for applications:

4. Terms & Conditions

The transportation costs will be refunded if they are conducted via bus, car or train (second class, without seat reservation). Flights below 100 € are refundable as well. A redistribution of the separate amounts (e.g. 120 € transportation costs and only 60 € for the hotel) is not possible. A committee consisting of the United Nations Society Nuremberg e.V. will make the selection. The decisions of the committee are not contestable. Legal recourse is excluded. A repayment of the scholarship in cash is not possible. A reimbursement of costs of the hotel, the conference fee and the transportation costs is only possible in exchange for the official and original receipt or bill and by handing in the request form to the conference management. Please note the selection criteria. The selection committee can change the significance of criteria during the selection process. The UNSN e.V. cannot be held legally responsible for the permanent timeliness of the application information. The applicant is responsible for informing him- or herself about possible changes concerning the selection process at The scholarship is confirmed and comes into force after written and signed confirmation of the conference. You automatically accept these application guidelines and entry conditions by applying for the scholarship.

[...] The distance and travel costs were a huge deciding factor. With the scholarship, I was able to fund my stay and travel at ease and can therefore enhance my degree in International relations [...].

The scholarship certainly helps me in financing other activities, as it allows me to “reuse” my BayernMUN budget for different purposes.

This scholarship enables me to continue gaining international perspective, a crucial part of engaging the international community, while also bringing back new ideas to my own community in the United States.

For me and my parents the sum was a little too expensive. I would like to gain more political experience. [...] In this case, it is only possible with this kind of aid. Therefore, I am really thankful.

The UNSN e.V. offers in coopearation with the Diakonie Neuendettelsau scholarships fo the conference "BayernMUN". Scholarship holders get their expenses up to 250 € refunded.

The scholarship is a great financial supprt.

BayernMUN Organization

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